Bikebus,the world’s first mobile cycling studio provides high-energy fitness experience that offers group cycling sessions as you traval around the city for all experience levels in the Boston area.

The company wants their brand to have fresher look
by having a new logo, website and brand visual assets.

Collaborated with Michael Chen, Megan McGuire, Joe Wang, Jean Zhang, Mckenna poulos at scout.

Brand Identity / UX, UI / Print design 

 The only typeface used in both web and prin is Noto Sans, Noto Sans Condensed Bold and Noto Sans Medium are used for headings, while Noto Sans Regular is primarily used for body text.

This typeface gives Bikebus a clean
brand appearance. 

 Circles are important accessories to Bikebus brand.  They are dynamic, suggesting a sense of movement, flexibility and energy.





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