Chinatown Basketball Club 
Identity /Poster / Merch


In 2019, artist Lu Zhang and curator Herb Tam founded CBC with a core group of Asian descent artists, musicians, and designers.
CBC became a safe space for them to be themselves and pursue their basketball dreams alongside like-minded individuals who
had also felt marginalized. Their passion for basketball, influenced by manga and anime like Slam Dunk, connected them.
I design the CHAMELEON identity and poster series for their MiniMarket (aka迷你市集) at Columbus Park, Chinatown. The Autumn Classic and
CBC MiniMarket combines spirited basketball competition with experimental art, music, design, literature and healing into a one-of-a-kind Chinatown festival.

Our  MiniMarket mascot, logo Chameleon, represents the diverse CBC family.We’re artists, designers,
athletes, manga lovers, and more - CBC lets us be whoever we want whether it’s on the court or off.

Photography by CBC