Illustration / 2021 - Present   Photography by Off Hour Studio

Collaborated with craetive agencies Overice and Hyphen Works (packaging design), I made these fruit illustrations for the Yunhai’s 2021 dried goods. (2022 new fruits alert~) 

Yunhai is an online store offers selection of premium Taiwanese Pantry goodies.

In April of 2021, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to collect preorders for dried fruit sourced from independent farmers in Taiwan,
who were negatively impacted by the sudden ban China put in place on Taiwanese pineapples.

In 30 days, we raised over $100,000 from 1,000 backers, and were able to purchase over 14 tons of fruit from small farmers vulnerable
to political trade volatility between China and Taiwan.” -Yunhai website

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  Photography from my iPhone


🇹🇼 funfact 🇹🇼 :  茄芷袋, aka 漁師バッグ aka Ga Ji Dai, the Taiwanese market bags were traditionally used in the 80s and are still used as grocery totes.

(Yunhai says it best here)